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by IvoryPavo
06 Sep 2017 00:45
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: Power Lines
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Power Lines

I'd an odd dream recently that completely revolved around power lines. I'd 'teleport' from one place to the next, and there would always be two poles posted equidistant to one another, usually in some vacant grassy field. I'd watch for a moment and then the poles would snap, electricity sparking fro...
by IvoryPavo
29 Aug 2017 01:26
Forum: Dream Characters
Topic: Pinstripes
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A new character has come to me in my dreams and I must say that he's rather frightening. He's tall, mildly heavyset, wears a pinstripe suit, has broad shoulders, but still has a stubby figure about him. His face was obscured by a dark haze but I remember his eyes were red. Not just the iris but the ...
by IvoryPavo
07 Jul 2017 21:56
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: How to lucid dream?
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Re: How to lucid dream?

I'm not sure about this way being the quickest but it's certainly quieter than your alarm, hah. ;) The way I've accomplished lucid dreaming in the past is by resting flat on my back and keeping my hands either to my sides or crossed over my chest (that's just my way of protecting myself in my attem...
by IvoryPavo
03 Jul 2017 01:04
Forum: Dream Characters
Topic: Has anyone experienced this? (Dream Guides)
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Re: Has anyone experienced this? (Dream Guides)

I agree with naturespirit. It does take time to have a guide. Sometimes you'll even gain one without thinking about it. However, it helps to ask for one in your waking life as well. That's what I did and I'd a few dreams of a red haired woman named Lily the following week. She isn't always visible b...
by IvoryPavo
02 Jul 2017 15:05
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello mates!
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Re: Hello mates!

Hello, and welcome to the forums! :D
by IvoryPavo
30 Jun 2017 15:07
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: Dream Art Wanted!
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Re: Dream Art Wanted!

An image from a fairly recent dream, the story titled "Overthrowing a King" in my posts.
Overthrow.jpg (110.26 KiB) Viewed 2962 times

In summary I managed to steal a king's crown. I fled and hid away in a room made of gold where I later put the crown on my head and obtained the former king's rule. :D :lol:
by IvoryPavo
30 Jun 2017 14:49
Forum: Sleep Disorders
Topic: Night Terrors, Dreadful Mornings
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Night Terrors, Dreadful Mornings

This past week has been bothersome. I'm often times afraid when I go to bed, like I'm scared of either dreaming or waking because of how I feel during both. There's a pit in my stomach and it steals any good sleep I hope to have. I'll wake up exhausted as if I'd not slept at all, and this terribly s...
by IvoryPavo
29 Jun 2017 15:56
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hi..
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Re: Hi..

Hello, and welcome to the site! :D
by IvoryPavo
29 Jun 2017 15:35
Forum: Dream Characters
Topic: Lily
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There's one reoccurring character who appears in and out of my dreams, and I've learned that her name is Lily. She's usually surrounded by light but it doesn't emit from her, she just seems to bring it along. It'll bleed through the dark, suffocate it from my head when I need it most. I was first &q...
by IvoryPavo
28 Jun 2017 14:39
Forum: Share Your Non-Lucid Dreams
Topic: Overthrowing a King
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Overthrowing a King

(This is a bit lengthy.. Sorry!) I was in a vast castle made of stone, the interior and exterior very dull. The most I remember seeing were hanging tapestries, candelabras, and a single red carpet with gold trim leading from the front doors, through the main entrance, and up the grand staircase. The...

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