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by Dubs
26 Jul 2017 12:38
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: Reincarnation in other worlds
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Re: Reincarnation in other worlds

I was once told by a dream character ages ago when asking who all the dream characters are that populate my dreams that there are 3 different planets, I'm assuming in different galaxies/universes/whatevs, including ours that share a common dreamspace. The combination of the three planets had a name,...
by Dubs
26 Jul 2017 12:22
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Can't have sex in lucid dreams – HELP
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Re: Can't have sex in lucid dreams – HELP

Dude, I just joined this forum because I googled 'can't take pants off in lucid dream' and found this. The EXACT same thing has happened to me a couple of times now, I'm super keen to get to work, take pants/undies off and another pair is automatically there! Over and over. Outrageous. I also have o...

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