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08 Oct 2017 01:02
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: precognitive dreams
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Re: precognitive dreams

I've had a few precognitive dreams in the past. One of which was when i was about 11. I was dreaming that I was following an alian off of a video game called Destroy All Humans through a park with meteors falling all around. I didn't think it odd because I had been playing it. Anyway a month or so l...
26 Sep 2017 19:23
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello/ my lucid state.
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Hello/ my lucid state.

Hello I'd like to I would like to say thanks for creating this forum. My names Rob I'm 21 and i'm from the midlands in England, I have had versus lucid dreams through my life and I have always wanted to have better Control over them, so I thought it's about time I started learning how. Last I was li...

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