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by Serahsister1
23 Nov 2017 08:21
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: My first lucid dream experience
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My first lucid dream experience

I was probably about 18, many a year ago, and I had been reading about lucid dreaming in a book written by Malcolm Godwin. I hadn't practiced all these other techniques you guys mentioned, I just clapped my hands 3 times in the dream and became lucid. I had been practicing that during my waking hour...
by Serahsister1
23 Nov 2017 08:02
Forum: Lucid Dreaming Techniques
Topic: Easiest lucid dream technique
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Re: Easiest lucid dream technique

I learned to practice clapping my hands while looking at them 3 times, and chanting 'wake up'. I would do this during the day sometimes, but several times before going to sleep. Eventually, I was able to do it in my first lucid dream, and I immediately began hover practice!
by Serahsister1
23 Nov 2017 07:56
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Newbie
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Hello, I'm new to forums, in general, and this is a very interesting subject for me. As a teen, many years ago, I read a series of books by Carlos Casteneda that eventually brought me to the topic of lucid dreaming. I bought a book about it and began practicing, and I had many lucid dreams thereafte...

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