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by AngelDreams
02 May 2011 21:36
Forum: Sleep Disorders
Topic: Waking up Too Early
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Waking up Too Early

Sometimes I feel like some of my most valuable time to be in a lucid state right before I wake up is cut short because of my internal body clock. I always wake up at the same time every morning and sometimes I try to extend my dream but I can't because it's like a silent alarm goes off. Any advice o...
by AngelDreams
02 May 2011 21:31
Forum: Dream Control Specifics
Topic: Breathing Underwater
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Breathing Underwater

I had a dream not that long ago where I was underwater, I think I started out on a ship or something but, ended up under water. It was very clear and I don't think I was alone. I was stressing out because I knew I couldn't hold my breath for much longer. Then I took my first breath and tried to hold...
by AngelDreams
02 May 2011 21:28
Forum: Dream Control Specifics
Topic: Different Ways to Fly
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Re: Different Ways to Fly

I love flying in my dreams I always look forward to it. I like to float fly indoor and soar outside. I like to dip and weave almost like a bird but don't use my arms that much. Sometimes it feels like there's jet power coming from my feet or like I'm floating on water except it's air.
by AngelDreams
02 May 2011 21:26
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: Famous people in my dreams
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Famous people in my dreams

Sometimes I dream of famous people. Dead or alive I get a lot of celebrities in my dreams haha. I don't know why, I watch tv, but not as many movies. I had a dream about Matt Damon the other day. It was actually very serious and reminded me of the Pelican Brief. Any thoughts?
by AngelDreams
02 May 2011 21:20
Forum: Lucid Dreaming Techniques
Topic: Techniques for Beginners
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Re: Techniques for Beginners

Sometimes when I am in a stressful dream I can go do a reality check and go lucid to take control of the situation. If you have a negative stressful dream or nightmare make and effort to consciously acknowledge you are in a dream. Then decide what you want to do to fix the situation or over power wh...

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