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by Labyrinthine
20 May 2018 19:51
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: Feeling dark presence after initiating lucid dream
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Re: Feeling dark presence after initiating lucid dream

I don't think the paper test concerning OBE is trustworthy. The problem is that even if the spiritual world was real, we wouldn't know for sure how it works. According to some spiritualist beliefs, the world of spirits is malleable and changes according to the will of the one experiencing it. The pa...
by Labyrinthine
06 Apr 2018 11:45
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Flying stability
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Re: Flying stability

I've noticed that at least in my case, flying stability is connected to my breathing pattern. Every time I breath in, I gain altitude and exhaling makes me fall down. So, I rarely fly directly forward, usually it's up and down movement.
by Labyrinthine
25 Dec 2017 07:53
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: Dream Objects Out The Dream
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Dream Objects Out The Dream

I've been experiencing some strange things upon waking up from my dreams and lucid dreams. At times, there might be some sort of object in my dream, such as a glass of water. Then, when I wake up, the glass of water is still there, floating in midair and I'm able to look at it for several seconds. T...

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