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by LucidSquid
08 Feb 2018 23:39
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Any advice for FILD induced lucid dreaming?
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Any advice for FILD induced lucid dreaming?

Hey all, Tonight I'm going to try FILD induced lucid dreaming. The only problem I've ran into is that the way this specific technique works is that I need to be very tired and need to fall asleep almost as soon as I wake up. Setting an alarm, however, would mean I'd have to fiddle around with my pho...
by LucidSquid
08 Feb 2018 23:36
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello, friends.
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Hello, friends.

My name, if it is not obvious enough, is LucidSquid. It's not my real name. I don't like strangers knowing my name. I hope to accomplish lucid dreaming through the FILD technique-also known as the finger technique. Combined with regular reality checks, I believe this to be the quickest and easiest w...

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