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by Dwelve
17 Aug 2011 23:11
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Topic: Three problems. Help, please?
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Re: Three problems. Help, please?

as for the 3rd person question i think it may be because of video games, when i was 4 i got a gameboy and played alot of mario and i sometimes dreamed in the mario perspective. If im not mistaken before color tv people who watched alot of black and white dreamed black and white and seeing how tv isn...
by Dwelve
17 Aug 2011 23:03
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Hello!
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Hi Im 14 and newly pagan, I have heard some of lucid dreaming but none much other than controlling your dream which i thought you were simply dreaming that your controlling it. But i had a dream once where i was able to think and controlled my actions, i knew that i was dreaming I continued along wi...

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