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by dreamoverflow
23 May 2018 22:08
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Can't sleep
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Re: Can't sleep

Maybe just be comfortable to the idea to have a great night full a fantastic dreams, LD or not, and don't be disappointed to don't have LD every time. You can also visualize you are sleeping, focus on your breath, or repeat some mantra like "I will have a great night, deep sleep, full of LD...&...
by dreamoverflow
23 May 2018 21:57
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: Out of body dream
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Re: Out of body dream

Maybe try to get a little distance about the bad feeling, and see what happens in your next dreams, letting go the fear if it appears again, you don't have to be worry to knowing yourself more deeply. Just be more confident, don't think in term of good or evil, its too simplistic, it retains yoursel...
by dreamoverflow
22 May 2018 17:04
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: Being a different person/inside someone else's body
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Re: Being a different person/inside someone else's body

Yes during spy dream but its rare. I'm in seeing what the person is currently doing in reality. But maybe I do lot of such dream, because sometime I've this feeling to leave another life. And I don't known who I'm am when I do that, and if the person does not quickly contact me saying what he've don...
by dreamoverflow
22 May 2018 16:52
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: See The Sky Technique
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Re: See The Sky Technique

Yes exact, often I have splendid sky, and sometimes with full of galaxy, lot of colors. I will think of that before sleeping, thx for the idea.
And that remind me the sky at the end of the last matrix movie.
by dreamoverflow
21 May 2018 23:51
Forum: Dream Science
Topic: Déjà Rêvé
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Re: Déjà Rêvé

I've often this feeling of déjà rêvé. But it seem mostly the days when I'm more tired than habitually. But not very sure. And its very troubling, like if I already lived that, but its not a déjà vu. Its more deep, more detailed, more like intuition and true memory, and having intuition of what will ...
by dreamoverflow
21 May 2018 23:09
Forum: Share Your Non-Lucid Dreams
Topic: psychedelic dream
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psychedelic dream

I've recently viewed a lot of videos on youtube of Terence McKenna, and he often refers to DMT. I've never tryed DMT excepted some medic derived from the ergot of the rye. Maybe I would try... want to see... But recently during a dream I was taking some psy mushroom, and had a strange effect, probab...
by dreamoverflow
21 May 2018 22:59
Forum: Lucid Dream Aids
Topic: Melatonin?
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Re: Melatonin?

Its a known effect. When I took some the first time or after some weeks without taking some I have ode dreams and some sleep paralysis, but its a cool experience, you could play with this effect maybe. But those effect occurs only the first night, sometime the second night, but no longer. Will see I...
by dreamoverflow
21 May 2018 22:42
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: communication during dreams
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Re: communication during dreams

I've tried there is 2 night during a good LD night to send a message to a friend using telepathy during LD but nothing special. I have to try more or differently, or with different persons maybe. But I'd a normal dream about my brother, coming at my home with a motorbike, was for me, but I didn't tr...
by dreamoverflow
21 May 2018 01:23
Forum: Dream Control Specifics
Topic: Inventing music spontaneously
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Re: Inventing music spontaneously

I've already played piano during LD or compound music but never remember nope. I known there is some artists using LD to create, but I think you have to wake up once you've get your idea and as fast as possible trying it in real. Its what I'll do... But generally I prefer to sleep again.
by dreamoverflow
21 May 2018 01:17
Forum: Dream Control Specifics
Topic: Pulling items out of Dreams.
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Re: Pulling items out of Dreams.

Sometime I've played with telekinesis during a LD and thought that was possible during reality, but once wake up that was just impossible xD

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