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by Nomadic-Freedom
13 May 2018 20:13
Forum: Lucid Dreaming Techniques
Topic: My first FILD (Finger induced lucid dream) during a daytime nap
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Re: My first FILD (Finger induced lucid dream) during a daytime nap

Really interesting to read what you experienced, because I too have trouble finding a way to be sure I really am dreaming. Thanks for the several helpful tips you included.
by Nomadic-Freedom
02 May 2018 00:05
Forum: Lucid Dream Aids
Topic: the Claridream Pro thread
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Re: the Claridream Pro thread

I took my first two ClariDream capsules at 5:00 AM, (woken by the alarm after 5 hours sleep). But then I couldn't get back to sleep! (Frustrating) But I did feel the shift in my consciousness, almost like I was going to astro project, and hypnagogic images were easy to sink into. Eventually, on the ...
by Nomadic-Freedom
01 May 2018 23:44
Forum: Lucid Dream Aids
Topic: Is Share dreaming possible?
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Re: Is Share dreaming possible?

Yes it sure is possible. You really can share your dream with another person, live as it happens, for both of you! There is a book containing over 200 documented examples: "Mutual Dreaming" by Linda Lane Magallon. My own first mutual dream was when I was 11, and was with my 9-year-old brot...

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