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by November
12 Jun 2018 03:08
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: recurring lucid dream/shapeshifting owl
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Re: recurring lucid dream/shapeshifting owl

I was trying to google my dream and I found this post about a shape shifting owl. It was following me in my dreams. My dreams are sometimes very far out. You can reference my introduction post here. She finally made her introduction as I was walking on a path in a dark forrest. She flew and hit me i...
by November
12 Jun 2018 02:34
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello, New here
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Hello, New here

A dream actually inspired me to wake up and look up information - which lead me here. I have never really bothered looking up my dreams or talk about them. Sometimes they are not so pleasant and sometimes they are amazing. I think my dreams are sometimes a gateway. I died from electrocution as a you...

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