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by Whale
02 Sep 2011 08:42
Forum: Sleep Disorders
Topic: Fear of dreaming
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Fear of dreaming

My fear of dreaming seems to root from a string of SP attacks. Basically, I would be doing somthing in my dream when all of the sudden my dream body drops limp to the floor unable to move! I would then wake up to reality but with SP, then some how flash back to my dream, were i would try to get up b...
by Whale
02 Sep 2011 08:00
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Getting weird visions...
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Re: Getting weird visions...

Ah SP, i get that alot when waking from dreams, somtimes i feel normal, but i just cant move. somtimes, i get hallucenations that freak me out. Like one was a women chanting somthing O_O. Or a funny one was a pirate kicking down my bedroom door holding my dog and screaming "I got the source!&qu...
by Whale
02 Sep 2011 06:45
Forum: Lucid Dreaming Techniques
Topic: Sleep paralysis
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Re: Sleep paralysis

I have a question about the heart rate thing. You see, i have ADD and have to take meds to have a normal attention span. One of the side effects is increased heart rate. Would this one side effect make it pottentialy dangerous to attemp a WILD? The other bad thing is, it prevents you from feeling ti...

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