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by domitomi7
19 Sep 2011 21:26
Forum: Dream Control Specifics
Topic: Breathing Underwater
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Re: Breathing Underwater

Dont renember how but, I had few dreams in same world. It was a beach and a big slope. Got my swimming suit and started swimming. After some time I was like: WOW I CAN BREATHE UNDER WATER!!! Same with flying. Started running down the slope,and I jumped. I was like: I belive I can flyyyy. Imagined th...
by domitomi7
19 Sep 2011 00:17
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Very wierd false awakenings
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Re: Very wierd false awakenings

Try screaming. Scream like wild. If you fell change in voice,you are about to wake up. You may also attrack your family members,or your pet,so they will wake you up. Also,if you know that you are dreaming,destroy your house. burn it down, or spawn box of dynamite. Note that destroying your home may ...
by domitomi7
19 Sep 2011 00:11
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: First time lucid, but no control
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Re: First time lucid, but no control

Try hurting yourself. bash your head in the wall, stop breahing... People will say: this is a dream, you cant get hurt. This is the point.You CANT get hurt in dreams.This will boost your morrale,and help you understand that you are the GOD!!! Also,if you jump off a skyscraper,you will try to save yo...
by domitomi7
18 Sep 2011 23:40
Forum: Dream Control Specifics
Topic: lucid dream control Q....
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Re: lucid dream control Q....

Got lucid not once,but MANY times already. The only problem was: I knew I was dreaming and that I could shift mouintans, but I didnt felt like it. Can anyone help??? P.S. Umm,Ive got to fly(for 10 meters) and breathe under water few times,and I was like:WOW!!! But I never got to realy control it. My...

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