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by taytayfan13
20 Jun 2011 17:20
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Fuzzy dreams
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Fuzzy dreams

So for the past week I've been having dreams and then realizing it's a dream within the dream. It's sort of like a MILD with a mix of WILD because I repeat to myself that "I am dreaming" right before I drift off. So after I realize I am dreaming in my dream, I am able to consciously speak ...
by taytayfan13
28 May 2011 04:42
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Interviews
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Re: Interviews

I think it would be really awesome to have something more about dream telepathy. That really interests me because it is something that opens a whole other concept-- does dreaming really only take place in the mind or is there a central dream scape for all of us? I'm a huge taylor swift fan... that w...

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