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by timcal
21 Oct 2011 01:44
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Problems becoming lucid when seeing dream signs
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Re: Problems becoming lucid when seeing dream signs

I am researching this problem too, last night I was dreaming that I was in Santa Barbara, Ca watching a tsunami wave coming at the hotel I was staying out. As soon as I said that I was dreaming, everything became super clear and beautiful. I saw the people running from the beach area up toward the h...
by timcal
21 Oct 2011 01:30
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Hi, everyone!
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Re: Hi, everyone!

Vibrations, sensations, and loud noise means you are not ready to separate, they are caused by your physical and non physical bodies being out of sync. They happen right before you are ready and not when you are ready. Either forcing your way out or trying to pull away will only weaken you and pull ...
by timcal
21 Oct 2011 01:20
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: What next after remembering my dreams
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What next after remembering my dreams

I recently joined this forum and am actively pursuing on how to have more lucid dreams and OBEs. I am now retired and self sufficient so I can do the things I always wanted to but did not seem to have the time before. Throught out my life I could remember my dreams, fly on many occassions, and visit...
by timcal
19 Oct 2011 23:42
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Buzz/whoosh noise
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Re: Buzz/whoosh noise

Sometimes when I fall asleep and no longer have any body sensation, I hear various sounds or feel vibrations. These can be rather innocuous or more disconcerting and will cause me to come back in the body. I read some where to just let these sounds pass, and sure enough one night they did and I cont...

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