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by Gdog96
14 Dec 2011 20:00
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: abused monkey
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Re: abused monkey

Maybe it was because you had been loocking at monkeys before you went to bed? Or maybe you are affectionate towards animals so it just carried through to your dreams.
by Gdog96
10 Dec 2011 17:37
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: WTF
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Maybe you are scared of pedphiles?
by Gdog96
10 Dec 2011 17:33
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: I cant think of a title for this...
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I cant think of a title for this...

So basically, I used to get these dreams about not veing able to reach something or do something I really wanted to do. For example, when I was little, I used to occasional dreams where I would open a cupboard in my kitchen and it would be full of really nice sweets that I love or could never get ah...
by Gdog96
04 Dec 2011 20:40
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Flying and waking up.
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Flying and waking up.

Ok this is my first post here so hi :) So basically, ages ago I was attempting to lucid dream, had a few, but eventually gave up due to having to do reality checks and whatnot. But whenever I had one I always wanted to fly, but whenever I did, I could only really fly up, for some reason I found it i...

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