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by AliceInLucidan
12 Jan 2012 13:23
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: At a loss for interpretation
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At a loss for interpretation

A couple weeks ago I re-watched Alice in Wonderland, and since then have been kind of feeling drawn to it, so I read the original books etc. but I never expected this (which I dreamed last night); I'm in a room, made of wood (I know for some reason that this is a tree house), all the people within t...
by AliceInLucidan
08 Jan 2012 02:51
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: finally something that resonates!
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finally something that resonates!

I have always held my dreams on WAY too high a pedestal. I'm always excited about going to bed because I have the weirdest, but most awesome dreams and I've always wanted dreaming to be a bigger part of my life...especially because I felt that it's the one very efficient way to get in touch with you...

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