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by MissTabz
31 Mar 2012 03:53
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: First Lucid Dream!!! In less than 3 months!!
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First Lucid Dream!!! In less than 3 months!!

I really want to share my experience to someone that won't look at me like I'm crazy... I kind of sorta gave up on lucid dreaming mainly because I'm just too busy and I don't want to mess with my sleep when I'm not getting enough... But yes! Last night I did it!! I took an afternoon nap yesterday be...
by MissTabz
21 Jan 2012 18:06
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Fake First Lucid Dream?
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Re: Fake First Lucid Dream?

I actually had a fake first lucid dream last night! It went like this: I was in a big house and a priest was there he had a bible thing that made me go into a lucid dream so all of a sudden I'm in front of that big house right before I was about to go "lucid" in my dreams ,dream and then I...
by MissTabz
20 Jan 2012 01:56
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Beginner Question!!
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Beginner Question!!

Hiiiii!!! I havn't had a lucid dream...YET.. I was pretty close today with my afternoon nap, but I got disturbed because someone was talking SOOOO loud on the phone. :evil: . Anyway I was wondering.. How long would It be to go from sleep paralysis to the oh,so wonderful lucid dream? Is it a long tim...

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