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by Etienne
19 Mar 2012 15:57
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Sleep paralysis
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Re: Sleep paralysis

That just sounds exiting to me...personally I do not have any technique it just happens that sometime during a dream i seem to realize that ...hey this is just too farfetched to be real…and voila I’m Conscious in a dream ....if i were you I would welcome that Tripod and see how loud it can really ge...
by Etienne
19 Mar 2012 15:53
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: I am Bored with Lucid Dreaming
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I am Bored with Lucid Dreaming

Hi I tend to Lucid dream quite often ( 5+ a week) I never tried to LD it just happened the first one was around 15 years ago and they have not stopped since. I often feel tired the next morning after an intense dream. Recently I spend most of my dream time satisfying sexual desires which seem a lot ...

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