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by Oneirophile
12 Aug 2013 20:47
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Questions about Lucid Dreaming
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Re: Questions about Lucid Dreaming

do you think that Lucid Dreaming could be helpful for me/something that I should consider or do you think I should avoid it at all costs? You want to stop nightmares? You've fortunately come to the right place: I'm sure it will wo...
by Oneirophile
04 Aug 2013 20:48
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: The cheat for lucid dreams
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The cheat for lucid dreams

Having been lucid dreaming for a few years, I only really started concentrating on it a year ago. Since then I've had about 25 LDs, from five seconds up to a few minutes. I never had enough time to become truly adept although I was fairly successful as far as I took it, even if stabilisation could h...
by Oneirophile
28 Jul 2013 23:23
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Unrealistic dream signs!
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Re: Unrealistic dream signs!

Do a reality check every time you spend more than five seconds reading about or watching a celebrity. That will teach your mind to associate celebrities with reality checks so that when you're with a celebrity in a dream you'll do a reality check and realise you're dreaming.
by Oneirophile
28 Jul 2013 23:20
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: How do I stabilize a lucid dream
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Re: How do I stabilize a lucid dream

Try here:
by Oneirophile
15 Jul 2013 21:29
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Back from a break
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Re: Back from a break

Vaelian, I hope this helps:

You'll get there. Everyone does – except those who give up. Remember how hard riding a bike was?
by Oneirophile
03 Jul 2013 09:51
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Newbie here. Feeling a bit discouraged.
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Re: Newbie here. Feeling a bit discouraged.

It's better not to rely on apps. Without them, you are getting your brain trained to do reality checks without external help. This means you're likelier to perform one in a dream, where you won't have external help. Every time you look at your phone in waking life, do a reality check for no less tha...
by Oneirophile
25 Jun 2013 13:42
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Haven't had a successful WILD since 2012. F***.
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Re: Haven't had a successful WILD since 2012. F***.

If I wanted to get back into LDs, I don't think I'd start with WILD. As our host says, there are easier routes (personally, I go for DILD). But I've just read a book that virtually guarantees the reader a WILD - but, like cheating at sport, via supplements rather than hard work. It's mentioned at th...
by Oneirophile
22 Apr 2013 12:03
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Hello dreamers
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Re: Hello dreamers

Hi Iter As you may know, dreams have inspired both the arts and sciences. The Beatles song "Yesterday" come to McCartney in a dream. The structure of benzene came to Kekule in a dream. There are many other examples. But it's important to differentiate between ideas from dreams and ideas fr...
by Oneirophile
07 Mar 2013 14:06
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Dreaming about lucid dreaming?
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Re: Dreaming about lucid dreaming?

Has something like this ever happened to anyone else? Ha ha ha. Yes, it happens to me quite a lot - last night in fact. A few DCs and I were discussing I Ching and lucid dreaming, in a non-LD. When I woke up, I kicked myself for not taking the hints. I'm quite lucky with LDs so I know another will ...
by Oneirophile
12 Feb 2013 19:32
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Lucid dream masks (ie. NovaDreamer)
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Re: Lucid dream masks (ie. NovaDreamer)

The Remee is a visual aid which works for some people and not others. Before you spend any money, why not try an audio aid? There are lots of (free) apps that you can set to go off after, say, five hours' sleep that will speak any words you want them to, such as "Are you dreaming?" etc. Ex...

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