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by Lucy^ore
07 May 2012 05:48
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: Who's Dreaming Who?
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Re: Who's Dreaming Who?

IN this world all humans are connected, just like nature, we are a collective consciousness, why do you think so many people dream so LUCIDLY?
when your dreaming you can access other realms and dimensions, other realities, you are both dreaming.
Everyone dreams, but most people dont REMEMBER
by Lucy^ore
07 May 2012 05:25
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: Intense hypnagogia
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Re: Intense hypnagogia

this is all real, you have a demon feeding off of you, learn how to protect yourself , just liek you remembered a potion, you can make a ward around yourself to protect from creatures, and get some weapons in real life and bind them to you, protect yourself from those creatures, since you know how t...
by Lucy^ore
07 May 2012 05:17
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: Sleep Paralysis Shadow Monster: Friend or Foe?
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Re: Sleep Paralysis Shadow Monster: Friend or Foe?

WOW, another person talking to a demon and you dont even realize it, JESUS PEOPLE. everything you experience in this state is real, when your dreaming, you have access to other realms and dimensions, and in these realms and dimensions there is hell and heaven and purgatory and other incredible thing...

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