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by Vincent
07 Aug 2012 23:04
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: Dream Art Wanted!
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Re: Dream Art Wanted!

Since I was a kid I've had dreams of flying. This wonderful dream of floating up and hovering before I began to fly was thrilling. In these dreams I always had friends or family with me and I was trying to teach them how to float up and fly with me. Recently, my dreams have become more vivid and thi...
by Vincent
07 Aug 2012 21:53
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Dreams Of Flying
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Dreams Of Flying

I've been dreaming about flying since I was a kid. As I grew older my dreams became more and more vivid. Often I would be with my family and friends trying to teach them how to float up off the ground and fly with me. I've concluded that these were lucid dreams. They seemed so real when I woke up. A...

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