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by Eleanor
11 Aug 2012 13:42
Forum: Sleep Disorders
Topic: My Weirdest False Awakening
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Re: My Weirdest False Awakening

I've only had one on the first day of a school year I woke up, got dressed brushed my teeth and my hair, did the dishes, ate breakfast, studied and was halfway to school when mom called and said I was going to be late , so I checked the time and it said wake up, melted then I woke up. I was really u...
by Eleanor
11 Aug 2012 13:18
Forum: Sleep Disorders
Topic: Weird sleep paralysis
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Re: Weird sleep paralysis

I have Isp and I didn't know what it was until I read this(I just asummed everyone had that if they didn't move while laying down) but I have found that even if you don't have isp if you lay on hour back and you don't move at all, you will find you cant move after a while, then you hear weird voices...
by Eleanor
11 Aug 2012 13:00
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: It's official - this forum makes me have lucid dreams!
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Re: It's official - this forum makes me have lucid dreams!

I'm pretty young as well (maybe a year older)and I have Iso, and have lucid dreams every night, but I didn't know to say clarity now, but I will. Ive never had a nightmare that lasted long except when I scared myself awake after dreaming I was kidnapped. Even though I feel paralized every night, and...
by Eleanor
11 Aug 2012 12:53
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Group Dreaming
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Re: Group Dreaming

I had a dream once where I knew I was dreaming, but I couldn't control any of it except myself and I was very frustrated, and then my best friend at the time popped up in a trench and I asked her why I couldn't do anything. She looked surprised and told me it was her dream, so we made up a password(...
by Eleanor
11 Aug 2012 12:42
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Covert Hypnosis
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Re: Covert Hypnosis

I tried that with my friend, it kinda made sense, it was like saying something really weird in a normal. Away so they think there asleep and ur their subconscious? I told him he had good luck and to wake up.

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