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by NicoZoomer
26 Aug 2012 16:18
Forum: Lucid Dream Aids
Topic: Isochronic Tones?
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Re: Isochronic Tones?

Hi Sander, At the moment i am trying i-doser(download a a pirate site ;-)) Don't nail me on it i am just trying it out. They say that it these sounds will give you specific experiances (like love, alcohol, certain hallucinogenic and enhance change lucid dreaming if i am not mistaken) I am just new h...
by NicoZoomer
24 Aug 2012 22:22
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Need Creative Things To Do In A Lucid Dream
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Re: Need Creative Things To Do In A Lucid Dream

The butt thing worked but they were really mad at me :( Hitler was really mean so we had to tie him up... The Hello kitties... were disgusting! The Nyan cats were SO annoying! Everyone died :( The aliens didn't die! They just got bigger and bigger... until they crushed me! I woke up... Ar you happy...
by NicoZoomer
24 Aug 2012 22:14
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: School essay
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Re: School essay


by NicoZoomer
24 Aug 2012 22:09
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Where are you from?
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Re: Where are you from?

Holland or The Netherlands however you wanne call it :).
Seems to me i am the only one with wooden shoes here.

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