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by Legion
30 Aug 2012 17:31
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Questions for Rebecca
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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Hola, So I've been having a problem of not having any lucid dreams after my very first one ( About a month or two back? ) , I have been using MILD's but they dont seem to work for me, which brings me to my question , When attempting a WILD , do i absolutely have to do it from a relaxed state , (Waki...
by Legion
26 Aug 2012 22:18
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Any tips or Pointers?
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Any tips or Pointers?

Hey everybody, I'm sort of new here. I guess ill just get right into it then :D . I heard about Lucid Dreaming a while back , and for about a week i was working on my dream recall while i was on vacation. And i think i had a mini lucid dream, not quite sure.. I was in a room i didn't recognize, and ...

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