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by andreah49
27 Aug 2012 02:19
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: Share your 1st LD here! :D
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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

The first time I ever had a lucid dream where I changed things was about a year ago. Long story short this rainbow lizard, kind of like a mixture of a komodo dragon and that thing from Holes, was chasing me after I fell into its cave and it was laughing really really hard, presumably because it was ...
by andreah49
27 Aug 2012 02:05
Forum: Dream Control Specifics
Topic: Making A Particular Person be there
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Re: Making A Particular Person be there

I've done this twice successfully. I can look at any object or person and concentrate really really hard, and it seems like the dream starts to shake and then the object or person I was looking at either transforms from top to bottom or vice versa and I have a replica of whoever. Occasionally their ...
by andreah49
27 Aug 2012 01:59
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Subconscious Communication
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Subconscious Communication

I've had many, many lucid dreams since my first a little less than a year ago. I've never had any difficulty remembering dreams and I never had to learn any tricks to begin lucid dreaming, it just happened. Then I learned about it in AP psychology and learned also that it is possible to communicate ...

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