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by keithplu
18 Jun 2015 00:50
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Topic: Any writers here?
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Re: Any writers here?

I write science fiction, so far my own pleasure, but I will be getting my works into print as I am one of the founders of a company which prints books for other self-publish authors. I have considerable technical expertise in that area which I can share Although I have yet to get inspiration from a ...
by keithplu
26 Apr 2013 00:23
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Topic: Favorite Movie?
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Re: Favorite Movie?

Favorite Movie? That's an easy one. It has to be Blade Runner. This year the most thought provoking has been Cloud Atlas - I think I preferred to reading the book several years ago. The Host and Oblivion. In deference to Rebecca, I guess I had better mention Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I though...
by keithplu
18 Oct 2012 01:40
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Topic: Why The Site's Been a Little Quiet Lately...
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Re: Why The Site's Been a Little Quiet Lately...

Congratulations Rebecca, on the new addition to your family.

I've found you a baby hat for Fox with a Douglas Adams quote

babyhat.jpg (10.58 KiB) Viewed 4507 times

(this can be found at,485441955)

(recent new member)
by keithplu
15 Oct 2012 00:23
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Topic: 2001: a space odyssey
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Re: 2001: a space odyssey

Yes - I saw this in the cinema when it first came out in 1969. That movie is one of the main reasons I got into SF. It's as impressive now as it was then.

by keithplu
02 Oct 2012 00:44
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Topic: Do You Have Pet(s)
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Re: Do You Have Pet(s)

Actually, these 3 cats are not mine, but JB and Soxie belong to my neighbours upstairs. The other (George) was a visitor.

JB (back), Soxie (left) and George (front)
3cats.jpg (43 KiB) Viewed 3792 times

JB has been known to sleep about 23 hours a day, or so it seems.

But does he dream of sleeping?

Keith (new member)

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