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by Starrr
14 Dec 2012 17:01
Forum: Share Your Non-Lucid Dreams
Topic: My house is always haunted
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My house is always haunted

I mean, don't get me wrong, my dreams are always vivid and painful (they never really are anything but painful) but anyways, it's always some ghost lady haunting my house! Now in reality, nothing haunts my house, I have never even seen a ghost before. But in my dream it's the same lady. She is OLD, ...
by Starrr
12 Dec 2012 19:56
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: What is your scariest SP moment?
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Re: What is your scariest SP moment?

Never never never never never never open your eyes! Haha. Oh god. I shouldn't say that, I always end up opening my eyes during a SP moment. Maybe mine was I was in the middle of being abducted by aliens in my dreams, and as I rose in the space ship (you know that light that picks up people) I woke u...

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