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by bcamargo0296
21 Jan 2013 16:39
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: A different mother?
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A different mother?

It's been quite a while since I last had such a vivid non-lucid dream. The dream starts with me getting out of a bathroom in a country house. I walk a few steps forward and I find (what appears to be) a wolf pendant on a wooden table. I grab it and I start looking at it. Its pupil dilates when I loo...
by bcamargo0296
21 Jan 2013 15:13
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: Dreams of teeth falling out
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Re: Dreams of teeth falling out

I had this dream 6 years ago when I was 10 (it wasn't a lucid dream, though), and I've never forgot it. In this dream, I got up from my parent's bed feeling my teeth loose and ran to their bathroom straight away. I leaned on the sink and opened my mouth, then all of my teeth fell down, but I felt no...

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