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by nathansuchy
08 May 2013 02:05
Forum: Lucid Dreaming Techniques
Topic: "Kitchen Sink" approach to lucid dreaming
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Re: "Kitchen Sink" approach to lucid dreaming

I threw in everything except the kitchen sink last night trying to lucid dream. First I started with WILD, MILD and finally had a DILD with a WTBD thrown in somewhere in the middle just for good measure. I wanted, begged, demanded, visualized, fantasized, prayed, you name it. Just give me the DAMN ...
by nathansuchy
07 May 2013 21:02
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: I'm having trouble lucid dreaming,
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I'm having trouble lucid dreaming,

I just learned about lucid dreaming last thursday and I have become good at dream recall and Sunday night I told myself tonight I will have a lucid dream and while I did not have one something very interesting. I had a noncontroled dream about lucid dreaming. It was at my grandmothers house and she ...

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