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by BAK777
21 Jul 2013 04:22
Forum: Sleep Disorders
Topic: sleep deprivation, need help please
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Re: sleep deprivation, need help please

Like everybody else in this world I too was on the receiving end of my nightmares. Also after playing around with lucid and psychic dreams I got 2 yrs of jumping out of bed once a night 2 to 3 times a week and not knowing why, I'll I knew is that I was scared as hell. Immediately after I found the c...
by BAK777
21 Jul 2013 03:58
Forum: Sleep Disorders
Topic: Vibrations, Ringing and Paralysis
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Re: Vibrations, Ringing and Paralysis

Yes to the vibrations, once. During my OBE days I happened to lay on my side for a change and thats when it happened. The best that I can figure the rate of vibration was 10 per second at apx. a 1 or 2 degree fluctuation both ways. It never happened when I was laying on my back only that one time wh...

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