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by newmoneyva
10 Sep 2014 10:35
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: I keep having the same type of lucid dream.
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I keep having the same type of lucid dream.

I keep having dreams of me being in a well lit area and ahead of me are some stairs that lead to complete darkness. Sometimes there will be some demon looking figure standing there telling me to go down into the darkness. I never go, but this is a dream that I have all off the time, what could this ...
by newmoneyva
09 Dec 2013 00:24
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: My crazy dreams
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My crazy dreams

The first dream that I want to discuss was a dream that I had where I was riding around with some guys that used to be my friends. We were doing things that we used to do when we were friends, all of a sudden I was at a gas station and no longer in the car with them. Out of nowhere the car pulls up ...
by newmoneyva
02 Dec 2013 18:34
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: New member
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New member

My is Shawn, and I am from Petersburg, Va. I never knew about lucid dreaming until last year. I started having these dreams that felt real, and I could remember every detail. I never had dreams that not only felt real, but I was completely aware that I was dreaming. I started to do research on dream...

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