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by Resin8ion
29 Jan 2014 22:13
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: astral projection help
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astral projection help

Hi learning to astral project, I can get my body to feel heavy and very relaxed but i'm really struggling with visualisation techniques such as the third eye in fact all I see while I'm relaxed is just blackness behind my eyes and not a lot else. I also struggle with the urge not to swallow saliva w...
by Resin8ion
25 Jan 2014 18:49
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello all, new lucid dreaming :D
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Hello all, new lucid dreaming :D

Hello Firstly my name is Nick, love exstreme sports full time skatboarder and rollerblader and work full time as a marble sculpture finisher must say i love my job for the sort of thing i do at work feel free to google sculptured arts studio :D. Only heard of lucid dreaming 2 weeks ago after going o...

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