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by mip
13 Aug 2014 15:11
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: Gender transformations?
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Gender transformations?

I am a sixteen year old girl and for some reason a reoccurring transformation occurs in a lot of my dreams. I become a male. Sometimes I look down and it's just there, other times it actually extends from my clit. Sometimes it's comically huge, other times it's very small. Either way it's always ere...
by mip
07 Mar 2014 06:31
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: Cheating on my boyfriend with my boyfriend?
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Cheating on my boyfriend with my boyfriend?

I have frequent dreams of cheating on my boyfriend with another version of my boyfriend. In one dream i cheated on him with a handsomer, smarter version of himself. In another i cheated on him with a version that was living on the streets and looked like he was on some kind of serious drug. In anoth...

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