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by Maymay
18 Mar 2014 23:47
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
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Re: 1000 things to do in a lucid dream

92. Go To Hogwarts & see what house your in 93. Catch pokemon! 94. breath underwater and swim through the ocean 95. hug ALL the kitties 96. Get into ideal college 97. Meet your favorite band (or even join it if your into that kinda thing!) 98. Get super powers 99. Make your subconscious a DC or ...
by Maymay
18 Mar 2014 23:18
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Time in Lucid Dreams
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Time in Lucid Dreams

I have yet to have a lucid dream, and I was wondering if anybody could tell me how the time relates to time in the real world. Is one dream minute equal to one real minute? or is it more like one dream hour is one real second? Thanks!

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