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by strawbubblegum
11 Apr 2014 03:28
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Beginner Questions Welcome!
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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Hi there! My question, which I haven't been able to find around the web, is whether or not we are capable of multiple lucid dreams per night? Since after our REM cycle we go back to other stages that are mostly dreamless, can we achieve lucidity again in the next cycle? or is that really rare (I wou...
by strawbubblegum
11 Apr 2014 03:23
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Stop the Scary stuff!!!
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Re: Stop the Scary stuff!!!

Hey Scorpio, I have a suggestion to make. I think that when we are able to obtain full lucidity, since it's our dreams, we can control a lot of stuff! This is the perfect chance to fight your nightmares, you can make yourself all powerful if you want to! I had a dream once about zombies, and althoug...

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