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by Ruir
03 Jan 2015 05:22
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: It's not a nightmare, however...
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It's not a nightmare, however...

It's almost a week since I joined this forum. Last night (January 2-3, 2015), I was on long trip to a place, and it took exact 12 hours. I traveled with bus and it went on 19.00 (GMT +7), so I used the time (19.00-07.00) to sleep, sleep, and sleep. I knew that sleeping in the bus is difficult; first...
by Ruir
31 Dec 2014 06:47
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Concept! Application?
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Concept! Application?

Hello everyone! My name is Ruir. The real name isn't Ruir, of course. And..... I beg pardon if my grammar isn't good enough. Long time ago (5-6 years ago, I guess), I was curious if I could make my own dreams. This idea was coming to me when I had been frustrated by myself. The reason was simple: I ...

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