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by JassieKaren
16 Mar 2016 17:05
Forum: Lucid Dreaming Techniques
Topic: My favorite WILD technique
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Re: My favorite WILD technique

Thank You so much! This article helped me get back on track. I was able to experience sleep paralysis almost immediately by concentrating on my head. It's been rough for me lucid dreaming recently and I am really thankful to come across your helpful article. Great tips and advice :D
by JassieKaren
16 Feb 2016 17:10
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: HELP! I need motivation.
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HELP! I need motivation.

I've been lacking motivation for the past few months, I haven't been doing reality checks or writing in my dream journals and I'd like to blame it on the heavy load of school work I have but really I'm just not giving my best efforts. I'm thinking of giving up and dropping it but Lucid dreaming has ...
by JassieKaren
21 Oct 2015 08:38
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Why lucid dream?
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Why lucid dream?

I'm doing a project on lucid dreaming and I've come across this question of why people actually want to lucid dream, for me personally I feel like lucid dreaming helps me make use of my time when I sleep. What other reasons are there? What made you interested in lucid dreaming? how has it helped? an...
by JassieKaren
12 Oct 2015 15:04
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Best Dream I've had yet
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Best Dream I've had yet

It was a bit of a crazy night for me. I almost went lucid. I started out in a dream packing for a trip to some place and somehow I had to film myself doing so, when I looked at the film I was surprised that I was wearing grey clothes as I recall putting on my favourite pair of pyjamas before going t...
by JassieKaren
11 Sep 2015 11:19
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Technique Trouble
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Re: Technique Trouble

I'm kinda new too but you can take my advice if you'd like to, I feel like you're stressing a little too much about it and that might be the cause of why it's so hard for you to go anywhere when inducing a MILD and a WILD, I've seen a blog post suggesting sleep breathing, what you do is mimic your b...
by JassieKaren
03 Sep 2015 04:21
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: I keep falling asleep trying to do a WILD
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I keep falling asleep trying to do a WILD

I got my first LD about 5-6 months ago and I've been failing to get one. I've tried the WILD technique and I actually went into sleep paralysis once but before I can imagine a scene or be in a dream I always tend to fall asleep, does anyone know why or How I can avoid to do so?
by JassieKaren
29 Apr 2015 12:41
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: MILD for beginers
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Re: MILD for beginers

When I first tried lucid dreaming I too thought all hope was gone when I still didn't have a lucid after a few months of using the MILD technique, keeping a record in my dream journal and even meditating a little, I was losing determination. However I didn't give up, although, I admit, i did slack o...
by JassieKaren
29 Apr 2015 12:19
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: Was this my first Lucid Dream?
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Was this my first Lucid Dream?

I am unsure whether the dream I had yesterday night was my first lucid dream but this was what happened. Me and my mom was in a hotel and my mom was asleep, I was watching a channel on stock exchange (for some odd reason) and I started to add up the numbers and found that they where weirdly large, I...
by JassieKaren
11 Mar 2015 09:50
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: ~DREAM ON~
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LIVING IN A DREAM WORLD sounded like the best thing I've ever heard of, I looked into lucid dreaming about a week ago and now every time I go to bed I get so excited that there could be a possible Lucid dream waiting for me to enter, I've been trying the MILD technique as well as meditation and deci...
by JassieKaren
11 Mar 2015 09:32
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Beginner Questions Welcome!
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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

1) Before looking into lucid dreaming I had nice vivid dreams but during this week, with use of the mild technique, It's been so hard to get a vivid dream, what can I do? and why is this happening?
2) Is it okay to meditate on the bus?
3) How do I stop falling asleep when meditating? :P

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