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by lanaisthebomb
08 Sep 2015 11:36
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: Proper Lucid Dream
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Proper Lucid Dream

Last night I had my first 'proper' lucid dream, as I have only ever had one other one that lasted for 30 seconds. This lucid dream was amazing, and I realised I was dreaming when I was with my girlfriend and her brother and we walked past my street. I decided for some unknown reason that I wanted to...
by lanaisthebomb
23 Aug 2015 07:46
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Starting Out
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Starting Out

Hey, I'm Lana. I'm pretty new to lucid dreaming, as I have only ever had one lucid dream before, however I have been interested in dreams for nearly all of my life and have become interested in lucid dreaming around one year ago. I have tried reality checks, such as checking I've got 5 fingers and r...

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