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by gprime
06 Sep 2011 12:23
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: whatt is this.
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whatt is this.

i just woke up. im still so confused. i wrote it all down and sent it my best friend on facebook. adam. of course hes sleeping right now. i went into the other room and woke up my brother and showed him this. and talked a bit. i still dont understand. something happeend to me. i just woke up from a ...
by gprime
13 Aug 2011 23:29
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: oppinions?
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Re: oppinions?

i dont know what the policy here is on thread bumping, but at the risk of pissing a few mods off, ill bump this >.> forgive me, i just really want some input. :P
by gprime
06 Aug 2011 08:15
Forum: Sleep Disorders
Topic: My Weirdest False Awakening
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Re: My Weirdest False Awakening

ive only experienced false awakening once, but it was definitely a weird one. i woke up in my room and my computer was in a different place, but i didn't really think about it a lot. then i walked down the hallway to the bathroom, and the bathroom just wasn't there.(there was just a wall where the d...
by gprime
06 Aug 2011 07:45
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: What does Sleep Paralysis feel like...
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Re: What does Sleep Paralysis feel like...

for me it comes on kinda suddenly when im in a certain state of mind while lying in bed. ill just suddenly realize that i cant move. (at first it was scary, but i just let it happen a few times, and then i got used to it) it feels kinda like your whole body is getting pushed into the bed so you can ...
by gprime
06 Aug 2011 07:36
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: Jaguar
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Re: Jaguar

once, when i was really little, i had a strange experience you may find interesting. i was half asleep and half awake (i think its called a night terror?) and a jaguar man walked into my room. he was huge , he filled the doorway. (upper body of a jaguar, lower body of a man) he just looked at me, an...
by gprime
06 Aug 2011 07:29
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: oppinions?
Replies: 3
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i am running around on all fours, at any speed i want. my dogs are running with me(i have 3). it becomes darker, and i notice my ability to control the speed at which i run is diminishing...i can still control the dream somewhat but my control is hampered alot. it gets darker, and there are no stars...

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