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by jake
04 Jun 2011 02:33
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: Dreams of Dogs?
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Re: Dreams of Dogs?

It sounds like you really consider your dog a friend who you can understand without speech. Im not a psychologist or anything but I think your brain just veiws your dog as a person whom you are good friends with and not just a pet
by jake
04 Jun 2011 02:25
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: What happened here?
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Re: What happened here?

wow, so it was a dream within a dream witch came after an other dream.... I think i need to watch inception again now.
by jake
04 Jun 2011 02:13
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: mans best freind
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mans best freind

just learned a cool new fact you guys might find interesting :idea: . Aparrently, when a dog sleeps in the same bed as his master they enter and exit dream states of sleep simultaniousely. This sounds really cool but its not like their sharing the same dream that would just be science fiction... and...
by jake
30 May 2011 06:00
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: What's the negatives about LD?
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Re: What's the negatives about LD?

honestly theres nothing really bad about lucid dreaming. The only con i can think of is that when you first start to do reality checks regularly you really start to question if your dreaming or not in real life not just for the purpose of the reality checks.( at least i did) it took some adjusting
by jake
15 May 2011 02:32
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Dream Guides
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Re: Dream Guides

once when i was a very little kid I had a dream that took place in an abandoned subway, and met my dream guide who warned me about some of the more dangerous places in my dream, It was extremely weird, but still a very cool dream guide experience.
by jake
15 May 2011 02:27
Forum: Lucid Dreaming Techniques
Topic: wild technique
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Re: wild technique

I have done the wilds before, and although it seems really scary while your doing it, if you can do it once you relize how awsome it really is
by jake
06 May 2011 22:34
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Dream Gifts
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Re: Dream Gifts

Wow you are truly lucky to have such an amazing skill come to you naturally. I have to admit i`m jealous. but you should do yourself a favor and start working on your dream control technique to transfer your amazing gift into a true enjoyable and astonishing talent. Try to find a dream guide, make y...
by jake
06 May 2011 22:29
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: under water
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Re: under water

HMMM.... this is probably something you thought about during your dream thus making it your dreams reality, but i know what you mean. That has actually happened during my first lucid dream, its like a totally different world underwater. Its not a bad thing as long as you enjoy the dream. :D
by jake
06 May 2011 22:15
Forum: Lucid Dream Aids
Topic: Anyone Use Calea Zacatechichi?
Replies: 57
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Re: Anyone Use Calea Zacatechichi?

The calea z plant was band in the state of louisiana because it was only one drug in a bill that band many different substances so it has nothing to do with the calea z itself :D
by jake
01 May 2011 18:48
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: HELP!!
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Re: HELP!!

First off its best to do this technique when you wake up in the middle of the night or are about to take a nap or in the morning when you wake up a little to early.

Next, you do technically fall asleep but you will want to stay aware of you doing so through the entire process.

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