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by Snaggle
08 Oct 2011 19:23
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: how do i cross from the hypnogogia to lucidity w.i.l.d
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Re: how do i cross from the hypnogogia to lucidity w.i.l.d

“when i attempt wild i experience s.p, vibrations,high pitch noise,floating etc iam observing the hypnogogia trying not to fall asleep or be draw into the images coming up ,then a scene opens up i try to will myself there and visualize myself there,which works, but it just stays as a visualization f...
by Snaggle
08 Oct 2011 11:51
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Video games!
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Re: Video games!

if one counts PC games as video games: Panzer general; Allied general; Europa universalis; Sid Meyer's Civilization; medieval II total war; Resident evil; Max Payne; Tropico; GTA San Andreas; Sim city and Zeus master of Olympus.
by Snaggle
08 Oct 2011 11:34
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Website's translation to czech
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Re: Website's translation to czech

Download Google chrome. If you have Czech as your language of choice, it will give you the option of translating any foreign language at a website into Czech. I checked Czech is one of it's supported languages.
by Snaggle
06 Oct 2011 12:47
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Hypnogogic Imagery and WILDs
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Re: Hypnogogic Imagery and WILDs

Opkluu you just did a WILD! I'm a natural WILDer and even when I don't choose to do a WILD I lucid dream naturally and normally. All you need to do is wait for sleep paralysis and after that you'll be having a deep sleep lucid dream- be warned you'll also have a deep sleep nightmare too. I was teste...

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