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by luciddreamer49
30 Jan 2013 00:45
Forum: Lucid Dreaming Techniques
Topic: Tips on MILD?
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Tips on MILD?

Hey! I haven't had my first ld yet but I've been practicing. :) does anyone have any tips on MILD technique? I mean besides the ones Oh this website?:) Also, Oh an artical it said reality checks should be about 10-20 seconds!?!? Mine only last a few seconds here is what I do- I try to push my finger...
by luciddreamer49
28 Jan 2013 23:08
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: 10 steps,to lucid dreaming #2 dream siggns-- HELP!
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10 steps,to lucid dreaming #2 dream siggns-- HELP!

Hey!:) I'm reading the second of the ten steps to ld. I found out my most common dream sign is context, however it doesn't explain what to do for that, for example- " Here’s one more example. Let’s say your most common dream sign comes from inner awareness (IA). Every time you feel extremely ha...
by luciddreamer49
28 Jan 2013 20:52
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Need new stuff
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Need new stuff

I have been trying to lucid dream for a couple months now and I read about lucid dreaming on this site for about two hours every day. I think I've read most of the articles. Any more good LD sites? Also, I was wondering, which technique works best for you guys? :) And does anyone know where I can ge...
by luciddreamer49
27 Jan 2013 19:38
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Help!
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Hey! :) I have been learning to lucid dreams for about a couple months now, I haven't had one yet but I started working on dream recall and I'm getting pretty good about two dreams a night. except last night I didn't remember any?!?!?!?! Is this normal or weird? Also I was wondering- if you're lucid...

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