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by oliverclay
26 Jun 2013 12:13
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: unconscious awake me asleep
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Re: unconscious awake me asleep

Hello, last night i and a friend had some kind of lan party at my house in the living room and my friend went to sleep on the seat in the living room like 2:00 am and i went to my sleeping room like 03:00 and the day i wake up was like 10:00 am i went to the living room and my friend is gone (with ...
by oliverclay
26 Jun 2013 10:49
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: Crazy Mutual Dream - Whoa!
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Re: Crazy Mutual Dream - Whoa!

This is amazing that how both of you have the same mutual dreams.
by oliverclay
25 Jun 2013 12:44
Forum: Dream Control Specifics
Topic: Rubbing hands together!
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Re: Rubbing hands together!

Why does this work..its bugging me.. Rub your hands together to prolong a lucid dream or keep it lucid.. Is it because we have been told it works, or have read so.. and therefore our subconscious makes it work in our dreams? Like, if you was told patting your head works and you believed your...
by oliverclay
25 Jun 2013 11:29
Forum: Paranormal Activity
Topic: switching bodies
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Re: switching bodies

fgoad88 wrote:Can you use astral travel to switch bodies? :?

This is the biggest task in lucid dreaming.
by oliverclay
25 Jun 2013 11:06
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: Trying to leave a scene, but cannot
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Re: Trying to leave a scene, but cannot

This scene stuck in your brain very hardly so it will take some time to forget it.
by oliverclay
24 Jun 2013 11:20
Forum: Lucid Dream Aids
Topic: Brain Training?
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Re: Brain Training?

I've got this neat little game for the Nintendo DS called "Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes A Day!" I don't play it anymore, but when I did I noticed that my memory was better and my mind was sharper. If I were to use this often, would it help me lucid dream? P.S: I'm just getting s...
by oliverclay
24 Jun 2013 11:04
Forum: Lucid Dream Aids
Topic: Lucid dreaming and cannabis
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Re: Lucid dreaming and cannabis

Hi, I have wondered for sometime, people who engage in cannabis smoking, especially if they do it quite occasionally, will smoking cannabis somehow "limit" or decrease the chances of lucid dreaming? Will it have a profound effect on dreaming or it won't really affect it? This mostly depen...
by oliverclay
24 Jun 2013 06:38
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: The language of dreams?
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Re: The language of dreams?

It is natural because you cannot remember the dreams after sleep.
by oliverclay
21 Jun 2013 11:01
Forum: Share Your Non-Lucid Dreams
Topic: Recurring non lucid theme, why?
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Re: Recurring non lucid theme, why?

You do not need to be worried again if there is something going to happens you cannot stop it.
by oliverclay
20 Jun 2013 12:22
Forum: Lucid Dreaming Techniques
Topic: Reality Checks
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Re: Reality Checks

Hey guys, What reality checks do you frequently use? I mostly look at my hands, try to push my finger through my hand, and breathe through my nose while holding it. Also, I use an app called "Dreamer" and it sends you a notification every 15 - 120 minutes (customizer) That says "Do A...

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