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by DreamerMan99
23 Jun 2017 05:50
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: I'm New - Sleep Aid Questions
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Re: I'm New - Sleep Aid Questions

Diphenhydramine will definitely impair your ability to lucid dream. I've read studies saying it's extremely harmful for neurological health, are you taking it at the recommended allergy dose or for a sleep aid?
by DreamerMan99
20 Jun 2017 13:49
Forum: Lucid Dream Aids
Topic: LucidCatcher – NeuroModulation for Direct Input into LD
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Re: LucidCatcher – NeuroModulation for Direct Input into LD

I will be testing my device for the first time tonight. I'm guessing from all the tumbleweed that has blown through this thread since, along with the deafening silence that something is amiss here. Like an Apollo 13 moment when the capsule is passing through the ionosphere on its journey back to ea...
by DreamerMan99
16 Jun 2017 03:20
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: I was in, but dragged out!
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Re: I was in, but dragged out!

It's mostly subconscious self doubt. It's a reflection of your own self limiting beliefs. My tip? Before you go to bed, make up a mantra to repeat in your head. "I, whatever your name is, am 100% in control of my dreams, no matter what conscious state I am in" or something. You really have...
by DreamerMan99
16 Jun 2017 03:12
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: The Shocking Truth
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Re: The Shocking Truth

I don't think hedonism would be too horrible. However, I feel like the ego inflation would probably be it's worst aspect. So maybe utilitarian hedonism?
by DreamerMan99
16 Jun 2017 03:09
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: what are u bumping?
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Re: what are u bumping?

Yeah, most radio hits are overproduced corporate garbage. I feel like now there isn't much of a physical scene, a lot of it is virtual and exists on soundcloud, youtube, twitter, bandcamp. I like the underground rap stuff that goes on now, however the popular rap scene is utter sheit and I can't sta...
by DreamerMan99
16 Jun 2017 02:58
Forum: Lucid Dreaming Techniques
Topic: instrumentals for relaxing the mind
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Re: instrumentals for relaxing the mind

I like Deer Hunter, my favorite song by them is probably Agoraphobia.
I mostly use thunderstorm recordings for relaxing at night.
A nice producer I like is class0c on soundcloud, I'll link him you might enjoy a few of his beats.
by DreamerMan99
16 Jun 2017 02:54
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: the purpose of lucid dreaming
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Re: the purpose of lucid dreaming

I started lucid dreaming out of curiosity, I continued for the fun, I left out of boredom, and I came back to reconnect with myself. After a few years off lucid dreaming and just caught up in the rat race, I lost touch with a lot of important things that I cared about when I was younger. I feel like...
by DreamerMan99
16 Jun 2017 02:47
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Malala and Terrorism
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Re: Malala and Terrorism

Voltaire was undoubtedly wise, sapient, perceptive and well ahead of his time. In Zadig he conveys the problems with multiculturalism. (If only Tony Blair had familiarised himself with the French philosopher's literary work before his ministerial tenure!) Zadig, the protagonist, is, initially, happ...
by DreamerMan99
13 Jun 2017 23:59
Forum: Dream Science
Topic: Lucidity Physics and the age of the lucid existence
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Re: Lucidity Physics and the age of the lucid existence

24/7/365 wrote:Professor, your name should be you think your a professor. what your pro fessing is that you need help with reality.

:lol: too good.
by DreamerMan99
06 Jun 2017 03:56
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Lucid Dreaming and Religion
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Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

chilicat wrote:I'm an atheist, but I do believe in souls and reincarnation. I also kinda believe in karma.

Im curious, what makes you not believe in God but believe in karma, souls and reincarnation?

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