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by LucidLink
05 Nov 2013 17:08
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Why do you pursue lucid dreaming?
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Re: Why do you pursue lucid dreaming?

I'm 19, and my primary reasons for pursuing lucid dreaming are these. First, it is to become lucid in my dreams, and from this to also become lucid in waking life. And, second to become familiar with the dream state, and from this familiar with the after death state, which through this will allow me...
by LucidLink
04 Nov 2013 21:17
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: I get to write an essay on lucid dreaming! :D
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Re: I get to write an essay on lucid dreaming! :D

One thing I forgot to mention (was beyond tired and totally spaced it last night. XD) was that it is supposed to pretty much be facts, facts, facts with very little opinions incorporated into it. The overall goal the teacher had when assigning this essay was to have the class learn how to write a v...
by LucidLink
04 Nov 2013 21:11
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: A great book was just released!
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A great book was just released!

Hi everybody, so I've been a pretty avid lucid dreamer, besides my own experiences first hand, I like to read about everything related to dreams in general. The problem is, with my expereince, their isnt many books worth my reading at this point. Most lucid dream books are focused towerds beginners ...
by LucidLink
04 Nov 2013 21:03
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: Dreaming for information
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Re: Dreaming for information

Knife wrote:Why would your subconscious know these things?

Time isn't linear, in the lucid state it is quite easy for our subcontious to acsess future information.

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by LucidLink
04 Nov 2013 15:10
Forum: Dream Characters
Topic: Best lucid talk with a DC I've Had Yet
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Re: Best lucid talk with a DC I've Had Yet

Sounds intense. I don't discount out of hand the possibility of shared dreams and such. It seems unlikely since there's basically no evidence. But thinking about it, so much of reality is about expectations. Maybe you can only share a dream with someone if everyone you will speak to about it in the...
by LucidLink
04 Nov 2013 14:24
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: Memorable LD Experiences!
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Memorable LD Experiences!

Hi everybody! So I normally have a lucid dream every night, but I havnt had any the past two nights! And also, I scour the Internet for inspiration, but I've read just about everything! And I need more! So I need you guys! I need you guys to share with me some of your greatest lucid accomplishments!...
by LucidLink
04 Nov 2013 14:07
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: One more year before...
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Re: One more year before...

You don't want a job that makes you rich, get a job you enjoy doing! Then it won't be like work, and you don't need millions of dollars, no one does.

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by LucidLink
29 Oct 2013 15:02
Forum: Lucid Dream Aids
Topic: Galantamine and Choline (updated: Successful 4th attempt)
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Re: Ordered some Galantamine and Choline

Trust my friend, as long you look at these pills for a treat to be had every 2 weeks or so, you will have no problems. You won't build a dependence, and I'm sure you'll find that this pill combination is quite potent. The effect they have on dreams, is quite strange. I feel like anytime I take those...
by LucidLink
29 Oct 2013 14:24
Forum: Dream Science
Topic: Is Astral Projection Real?
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Re: Is Astral Projection Real?

I see we more or less agree on the God debate. I just hope we don't tread on anyone's toes with our strong posts. Even so, I might not believe in either but I must admit that astral projection makes more sense than a God, the creator. One can argue that He could be teaching us, but, why can't He ju...
by LucidLink
28 Oct 2013 21:57
Forum: Dream Control Specifics
Topic: Prolonging Lucid Dreams
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Prolonging Lucid Dreams

Hi everybody, so I think like many others, all my lucid dreams are cut short early. It seems almost as soon as the lucid dream starts, it begins to fade. We all are too familiar with the fading of a lucid dream I'm sure, and I myself, have major problems with this. Having lucid dreams was never my p...

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