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by jasmine2
30 Mar 2017 02:29
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: mirrors in lucid dream
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Re: mirrors in lucid dream

I think mirrors in dreams may - - act like a magic portal into other realms of experience - or show us different, unrealized aspects of ourselves - or they sometimes represent an abstract, metaphorical symbol for the pure essence of awareness, which reflects life experiences but is itself infinite a...
by jasmine2
26 Mar 2017 22:57
Forum: Share Your Lucid Dreams
Topic: LD's and fatigue
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Re: LD's and fatigue

Prolonged sleep deprivation can cause hallucinations. It seems to me that even relatively short periods of insufficient sleep will interfere with natural sleep cycles, and this may sometimes increase the potential for having lucid dreams. Also, when the sleeping body feels more fatigued than usual, ...
by jasmine2
25 Mar 2017 02:03
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Can You Develop RL Skills in a Lucid Dream?
Replies: 7
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Re: Can You Develop RL Skills in a Lucid Dream?

I recommend the following resources - - Article - "How To Practice Real Skills in a Lucid Dream" - Also, in subsection - "Important tools for making this happen" - Click on link to article - "Use the CAT technique" (Cycles adjusted technique) - Amazon - B...
by jasmine2
15 Mar 2017 01:45
Forum: Dream Interpretation
Topic: Dreaming of being diagnosed with a disease. Meaning?
Replies: 2
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Re: Dreaming of being diagnosed with a disease. Meaning?

If I dreamed about having a certain type of disease, I think I would consult a doctor, in case the dream had a literal meaning. However, sometimes, dreams may use metaphorical language to express emotional situations. For instance - In families or cultures which have very strict beliefs about what i...
by jasmine2
11 Mar 2017 21:58
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: Is it ok to use kindle during WBTB/WILD
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Re: Is it ok to use kindle during WBTB/WILD

There are reports that looking at the light frequencies from computers screens before bedtime can impair the production of brain chemicals associated with sleep. It may help to wear orange sunglasses when you are reading your kindle at night. See article - - "Why I Wear Orange Sunglasses At Nig...
by jasmine2
10 Mar 2017 02:04
Forum: For Beginners
Topic: How Do You Force Yourself to Dream Journal?
Replies: 12
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Re: How Do You Force Yourself to Dream Journal?

My ability to remember dreams is closely connected to how well motivated I am to keep a dream journal. When I get lazy, (which is often), then I only remember a few small fragments of dreams. What works best for me is to keep a note pad and pen or pencil next to my bed. If I wake up at all during th...
by jasmine2
04 Mar 2017 03:20
Forum: Share Your Non-Lucid Dreams
Topic: Hypnopompia And Sexual Thoughts
Replies: 3
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Re: Hypnopompia And Sexual Thoughts

I think that it is natural for dreamers to sometimes have sexual dream experiences which are outside of the individual's waking life norms of behavior. Here are 2 interesting articles, which include discussions about sexual dreams. - "Dreams of Sex and the Sex of Dreams" - The Jung Page - ...
by jasmine2
28 Feb 2017 23:10
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: The Second Coming of Nesgirl
Replies: 65
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Re: The Second Coming of Nesgirl

It seems like human society, throughout much of the world, is now saturated with people who get an ego "sugar high" from engaging in conflict with others, either through armed violence or repeated verbal attacks. Please people! - This website is a much more welcoming place when forum users...
by jasmine2
24 Feb 2017 00:30
Forum: General Lucid Discussion
Topic: Guided Meditation/Hypnosis
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Re: Guided Meditation/Hypnosis

Crane25, I recommend the following - - Website - Health Journeys - On Home page - Click tab - "Guided imagery 101" - Web search - - "Why Guided Imagery Is a Best Practice For Dissociative Disorder" Article includes suggestions for severa...
by jasmine2
18 Feb 2017 04:04
Forum: Lucid Dream Aids
Topic: Looking for some High Quality Binaural Beats
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Re: Looking for some High Quality Binaural Beats

I have tried several brands of binaural-beat audio CDs, which claim to be able to entrain brain wave frequencies in order to enhance various meditative or dream states of consciousness. Usually, I quickly grew tired of listening to most of these CDs, because the main binaural-beat sound was so monot...

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