Does Marijuana help with lucid dreaming?

Discuss external aids which help you lucid dream including brainwave entrainment, supplements and herbs, lucid dream masks, and more.
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Re: Does Marijuana help with lucid dreaming?

Postby SteveB » 27 Jan 2019 02:09


I'm likewisee a big fan of blow but it kills lucidity for me.

And it makes sense, In reallity we are not the out going socialble creatures on blowt hat we are in life, so why would we be on blow?

My lack of lucidity annoys me big time on blow & TBH I know I could be a dream God without it, but I still partake of blow oncer per week because I enjoy it.

2, it makes me so damn creative.

It's a fine line & one us (addicts) must learn to cross.
I actually signed up here eons ago but couldn't get logged in hence new account.
Not sure why I feel the need to share this.

It's also my belief that when we dream we do actually go somewhere...

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Re: Does Marijuana help with lucid dreaming?

Postby DrG » 04 May 2019 14:09

Some of the facts:
THC increases deep sleep stages, while decreasing REM sleep stages.
With repetive use, your body does become tolerant to sleep disruption, and restores a normal deep/REM pattern.
If tolerant, sudden discontinuation creates a rebound effect: increased REM, decreased Deep sleep, while it adjusts back to its goal.
Dreams occur during REM stages.
Lucid dreaming requires a high level of awareness during REM.

While it does change REM patterns, it's not research conclusive whether it would impact awareness during REM. Anecdotally, from the amount of people I've talked to, it seems to be a very individual thing. Some people report lucid dreaming with occasional smoking. Some people report no dreams after occasional smoking. Many people do seem to report intensified dreams during quitting daily use, which seems logical considering the rebound effect.

My personal thoughts, marijuana is for recreation, not for lucid dreaming or spiritual purposes.

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