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Dreams via suppliments

Posted: 17 Jul 2013 03:48
by Lucidbassist
Hey all,

Im new to the forum, I have been deeply researching lucid dreaming for 2 weeks and have just had my first lucid dream, It was amazing, I performed a RC in my dream and as soon as I became lucid it felt as If I truly entered my dream body and everything went into focus, I stared at my palms and affirmed that I was dreaming, and then explored, the dream felt like it went on for maybe 10 mins.

I am inspired and want to further develop dream recall and experience lucid dreams more frequently and vivdly. I have stumbled across some dream experiences posted by other ppl which are extremely vivid and reached with the assistance of herbs/drugs etc.

My question is;
To have very vivid dreams can I continue working on dream recall, researching, listening to isochronic tones and get more experience over time to eventually achieve this? (quite naturally, and involving meditation with the assistance of Isochroinic tones)


Are the dreams experienced via drugs far too vivid and cannot be reached otherwise? I feel like no matter what I put in, I will be missing out on a whole lot compared to those who do these methods. I do not wish to experiment with these suppliments.

Best regards.

Re: Dreams via suppliments

Posted: 17 Jul 2013 20:54
by Peter
Supplements can make it easier to get into a lucid dream but I do well without them. As far as other ways to get lucid in the end you need to be in a state of mind to become aware and this is caused by a chemical change in the brain and supplements or no supplements its the same process

Re: Dreams via suppliments

Posted: 17 Jul 2013 23:38
by Lucidbassist
Ok thanks Peter. So suppliments can assist in getting you into the state that you want to be, but no matter which way or technique used, once that state of awareness/lucidity has been reached, it will generally be the same. Makes sense.

Re: Dreams via suppliments

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 00:33
by Peter
the sups overload you little and I have had my longest lucid dreams and there is a stronger sense of purpose and no fear (like a drunk high) so they are great at times but I dont need them.

A side note is that a good strong cup of coffee at 2 am will give me very long and intense lucids with a WILD entry. It does not need to be a complex set of supplements, anything that crosses the blood brain barrier might work