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anechoic chamber

Posted: 24 Aug 2013 22:05
by Peter
I am into a DYI project and I want to and will build an Anechoic chamber in my house. I tried without success to get into a sensory deprivation tank while on holiday a few months back and then looked at buying or making a tank but the project went into the too hard basket for a heap of reasons.

I hunted the net for sensory deprivation info and then found out about the anechoic chambers and the degree of silence, the fact that most people will start to hallucinate in short time due to lack of sensory input and then got excited at the possibilities of using one.

I have a nice attic space, a lot of building skills and some idea of an noise proof room with an internal chamber suspended on rubber mounts that is the centre piece of the anechoic chamber so will start this project in the coming week by simply cutting a hole in a wall to allow access to the attic space.

I will post as I construct, expect the project to take a month or two depending on sourcing materials and the ups and downs of DYI.

Anyone have any experience in these chambers
Any sound engineers out there that can advise on the type of internal foam echo absorbers
Any useful tips at all welcome

" build it and they will come, they are already watching..) :lol:

Re: anechoic chamber

Posted: 25 Aug 2013 09:10
by Juslisne
Can't offer you any advice but I'd love to experience an AC myself. Please keep me informed.

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Posted: 25 Aug 2013 16:39
by LucidLink
Sounds cool! I can't offer any advice either, I have never even heard of this before. But I am jealous, sounds well worth the work!

Sounds like a room that makes you trip naturally, which is very cool haha.

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Re: anechoic chamber

Posted: 25 Aug 2013 20:39
by Peter
Yes thats the idea to get there naturally and easily. It will be a couple of months in the building and might start a site and keep the links updated. Could be the easiest way to show progress

Re: anechoic chamber

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 00:30
You talked about this in our Skype Chat.
I am all for it, and have day dreamed and conceptualized it before.

You must think of safety. Make sure you have a fan to supply fresh oxygen, and make sure it is far away enough, so you don't hear it. It can be outside your house and have a tube leading in. And then have a way for it to vent out. If it is outside or near outside, the sound should be unhearable from within. And the door should have no knob or latch or anything, so you can simply push it open with no effort. It's better to be safe than sorry. (I am a bit of an engineer myself in my mind and think of all worst possibilities. You'd hate to die in a house fire, or lack of oxygen, and have to explain it to others in the after life :lol: ).

With that aside, I say, "GO FOR IT".

You'll have some very interesting experiences that's for sure!

(As for the professional sound absorbers. The best are those black, conical shaped ones that I have seen on TV, and some sound studios use those. But for a Do It Yourselfer, perhaps some cheap fabric that you can fold and wrinkle will do the trick. And even copy that same structure to the best of your ability. Then you can upgrade if you find a supplier.)

I just thought of this and am adding it to this post. The main objective is to create as much surface area of soft fabric as possible. That's why you wrinkle, fold, or make cone shapes out if it. That will deaden the sound most efficiently. Just keep that in mind and you'll do fine. Even if it is not MOST EFFICIENT it should be SUFFICIENT ENOUGH.

Re: anechoic chamber

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 01:41
by Peter
Awesome, yes need venting and easy escape route in case of panic of opening the void and being swamped by DC's wanting to invade earth ( cant think why)

I will look at high density closed cell fireproof foam as that is what gets used and the shape will be whatever I can cut or fold. There are pyramid shapes and flat barrers all I think designed to trap and prevent echos.

Re: anechoic chamber

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 01:51
Peter wrote:easy escape route in case of panic of opening the void and being swamped by DC's wanting to invade earth ( cant think why)

I take it you have experienced the random, nonsensical thoughts that can happen before a dream starts, but you are there with your eyes closed and still thinking. I bet sensory deprivation is similar, but I must admit, I have never tried sensory deprivation. But I know how crazy it can get when we enter a state of mind where we ignore our external senses and start to think random, nonsensical thought! It can get crazy! :mrgreen: (<-- alien DC invasion face)!

Then again, I don't meditate and if I remember correctly neither do you. I don't see a need and find those bizarre thoughts interesting. Meditation must quiet the mind and skips over that. I only speak for myself, but I get very bizarre thoughts sometimes at the onset of sleep, when there is no external stimuli, but I find it interesting and fun.

Re: anechoic chamber

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 04:17
by Peter
I bet sensory deprivation is similar, but I must admit, I have never tried sensory deprivation

In a sense any WILD is sensory deprivation as you go from external input to internal and the random thougths are images are the change over. I expect it will be the same but I hope more direct stimulation with body sounds, heart beat, blood flow supplying stimulus and images forming from them.

I dont meditate in any formal sense but do relax and allow whatever to come along so I guess I do in some way meditate just shy away from a world that locks me into a set of protocols

Re: anechoic chamber

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 05:03
Peter wrote:I dont meditate in any formal sense but do relax

Me too. I WBTB and lay on my back for a bit and simply allow whatever wants to wander in my mind like opening the 'gate' to the wild, untamed subconscious. Whatever it is, just let is loose and get enthralled for a bit and still retain a foot hold on waking rational. OR if not, you sleep un-lucidly. Nothing wrong with that.

Meditation, with my limited knowledge seems, to dismiss all random thoughts or 'noise' altogether.
I am curious and posted a question about it just a few hours ago. I am eager to hear what other meditators say about lucid dreams.

I think there is a huge difference between meditation and lucid dreams and any experiences that a sensory deprivation chamber can provide. I think you are on to something and sensory deprivation is breaking new ground and you gotta try it. And like you said, you'll report back whatever happens. I'll be hear and listening. (it was not a typo, but a bad pun.... )

Re: anechoic chamber

Posted: 05 Sep 2013 09:19
by Peter
Very rough site. Just images of progress so far. I will break the site up into pages of each stage soon but for tonight took the lazy way of putting something online